• Account Management: Our ops team holds a robust experience in working on multiple platform for different environment. Dollarbird provides you the dedicated account manager to take care of your worries about the revenue generation.
  • Customer Relationships: Managing customer relationships is the account manager’s most important role. In AdTech space company, customer relationships operate at a number of different levels. Our Account managers aim to build relationships for continuous growth. On a day-to-day level, they focus on maintaining relationships.
  • Improve Existing Relationships: Account managers also have a responsibility to look after existing clients. The focus to work closely with operations and sales teams. Our teams focus is not just to address client needs to build on the relation by proactive solution oriented approach. Account management team members work on building and nurturing the existing customers.
  • Communicate with clients For most of our clients, we have a dedicated sales account manager if they want us to reach out to their client and work on handling the communication. We work 24×7 to provide you the best we can to build your customer relationship.
  • Build client relations Our sales team not only maintain your current client relations but also helps you grow your network. We are connected with pool of talented people with their own robust network across the globe to cate you with any product or services with the contact building
  • Drive Revenue We understand your world when you are running the business, we always focus of helping you with more inflow of revenue. We make sure that all our actions are inline with you vision all the time.